JJ Valve has been providing expertise and knowledge to the Industrial and Petrochemical Valve Industries since its establishment in 1985 by Jim Licate, Harvey Rubin and Dean Turner. Their combined years of service in the industry helped make JJ Valve the growing concern it is today. Through the years they have gained the knowledge base and working relationships with many vendors to help give their customers the right product for the job. Moving beyond the normal day to day products, they also provide the hard to find or obsolete product you are searching for. If they can’t find it they’ll find a viable substitution for the job.

James King joined the company in 1987 and now supervises the Machine and Repair Shop which allows JJ Valve to offer modification and repair services. If you need modifications, repairs, or valve testing, our Shop can do it for you.

JJ Valve strives to make Customer Service the bedrock of their business and we look forward to providing you with quality products, accurate shipments and the service you deserve.