Butterfly Valves


Omni Seal

5000 Series Butterfly Valves

Our 5000 series Butterfly valves are manufactured in accordance with the
specifications from MSS SP 67, Manufacturers Standardization Society
and API-609, American Petroleum Institute, latest revisions.

Both Lug and Wafer style valves are designed for ANSI 125/ 150 lb. class
flanges and are rated at 200 PSI WOG service.
Omni Seal Butterfly Valves make an excellent choice by combining the
balance of an economical valve with the performance you expect in a
commercial, HVAC and an industrial butterfly valve.


    Product Features

  • 100% Bidirectional factory tested valve product
  • Extended neck design for applications that require insulation
  • One piece uni-body construction of cast iron designed to accommodate both ANSI and DINF flanges
  • Integral mounting flange will accept all styles of hand levers, manual gear operators
    and pneumatic or electric actuators
  • 2 piece stainless steel plate functions not only as a bushing but as a retention plate for
    possible blow-out
  • The liner is constructed by bonding an elastomer seal to a split, rigid phenolic backup

    ring which forms the outside periphery of the seat

  • This cartridge design helps prevent the possibility of blowouts and provides for easy

    replacement. The ribs on the outside elastomer provide an interface seal with flanges
    for no-gasket installation

  • Two piece shaft design eliminates the need for bolts or pins to attach shaft to disc,

    thereby removing potential leak path of media. Two piece shaft design allows for a
    reduction in disc thickness, creating less obstruction in waterway which results in
    larger Cv values

  • Field replaceable seats are a standard design feature

Omni Seal Butterfly Valve Material Options

Body materials: Ductile Iron, Cast Iron

Disc materials: Ductile Iron, Bronze, 316SS, Nylon Coated over Ductile Iron

Seat materials: Buna-N, EPDM, Viton, Teflon

Operators: 10 Position lever handle, Gear Operators, Pneumatic Rack & Pinion Actuators

Accessories: Galvanized Stem Extensions (Extended Bonnets), Chain Wheel Operators, Square Operating Nuts and Cranks

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