High Performance


Power Seal High Performance Butterfly Valves

Multi Purpose IVEX Range

The inter valve IVEX-Range is based on a unique quarter-turn design.
The double offset shaft and disc configuration to the seat together with
the advanced high technology seat systems brings in a multipurpose
IVEX-butterfly range.

Main Design Features

Double offset disc design.
At the initial point of disc opening, the double offset disc provides a
cam-like action. Thus preventing excessive seat wear and creating the
possibility for frequent operation.

Sizes range from 2″ to 48″

Class 150 & 300 lbs.

Body design can be lug (single flanged) and wafer design

Asbestos free design

Metal header prevents cold flow of packing and centers the disc exactly
in the seat (trust bearing)

Metal to Metal seat for high temperature service

Reinforced PTFE seat-ring with secondary metal seat for fire-safe

Seat removal without disassembly of shaft and disc

Body insert protects seat from abrasion and erosion

Grafoil seal-ring & packing

Shaft bearing in PTFE or AISI 316

2 Piece stem for extra flow

The IVEX Valves will be supplied with an actuator bracket according to
ISO 5211, which allows replacement of the stem seals without removal of
the actuator

Power Seal Valve Produces the IVEX range in three main executions:

IVEX T: PTFE Seat System
IVEX F: PTFE Metal seat system, bidirectional sealing and fire safe design
IVEX M: Metal to metal seat system for high temperature service

PTFE-Seat system
In the preferred flow-direction, the PTFE- Seat system will bring its
optimum performance. In this design, the line pressure act as a positive
force in the seat-system even at fluctuating working condition. The seat
ring is well protected by the valve-body, thus preventing distortion at a
negative, non-preferred flow direction.

PTFE-Metal Seat system
Bi-directional sealing and fire safe design

The primary PTFE- seat ring will be replenished with a secondary metal
back up ring. This metal seat provides a mechanical load to energize the
PTFE- seat. In combination with the line pressure a Bi-directional sealing
against the design pressure is obtained.

Fire Safe
After a fire, when the PTFE- seat ring has burned away, the secondary
metal seat gives bi-directional sealing. This sealing system meets the
fire test requirements API 607 and BS5146.

Metal to Metal Seat
High Temperature service
The primary metal seal enables this execution to be used up to 670
grade C. Seat- rings available are stainless steel ANSI 316 L-chromium
plated, (maximum allowed temperature: 310 grade C) and Inconel 625
(maximum allowed temperature: 760 grade C). As a result the IVEX
M-Metal to Metal range meets the full pressure temperature rating
according to the ANSI class 150 and class 300 rules.

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